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Guitar & Bass Repair

Have your guitar or bass set up by an actively performing musician with over 20 years of experience.

General Pricing

  • $40 includes non-coated strings
  • Standard Fender tremolo (six-screw or two-point) included in the setup
  • Bigsby, Floyd Rose, and Kahler Tremolos add $10 to the base price
Your Satisfaction Guaranteed–one complimentary readjustment to a paid setup at no charge within two weeks of the original service date.
Contact us with your issue and he will propose a common-sense fix to your issue, along with a quote before any work begins. Most issues can be fixed for a reasonable cost, buying a new instrument is the last resort, unless you need an excuse to buy one.
As a young man, I got sick of paying good money for setups and adjustments; ultimately dissatisfied with the work I paid for.  In 1999, I began absorbing all I could in my quest to learn the craft of guitar setup and minor repairs.  I gained confidence and aptitude for fretted instrument repair over the years by performing the work on my student’s instruments and my own.  I am pleased to say that I can fix many common pesky playability issues and have the know-how to set up virtually any guitar to play better for you.
*** We reserve the right to refuse service to any guitar or bass.

Repair Services

  • String Gauge Recommendation
  • Proper Intonation
  • Action adjustments (Nut, saddles, bridges)
  • Drop-In Nuts and Saddles
  • Truss Rod adjustments
  • Pickup and polepiece adjustments
  • Tremolo Floating and Blocking
  • Proper Cleaning of Instrument

Wiring, Mods, and Hardware

  • Locking Tuners (buyer supplies units)
  • Knobs, pickup bezels, pickguards (buyer supplies units)
  • Tremolo Blocking, Tremolo Floating
  • Pickup installs (buyer supplies pickups)
  • Push-Pull pots
  • Kill Switches
  • Super S-Style wiring
  • T-Style mods
  • Black Ice installs, mod-boards, etc. (buyer supplies unit)

Services Not Offered

  • Fret leveling, fret crowning
  • Finish repair
  • Severe warp repair
  • Pickup winding
  • Custom Nuts and/or Saddles