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Have your guitar or bass setup by an actively performing musician with over 20 years of experience.

As a young man, I got sick of paying good money for setups and adjustments; ultimately being dis-satisfied with the work I paid good money for.  In 1999, I began absorbing all in could in my quest to learn the craft of guitar setup and small repairs.  I gained confidence and aptitude for fretted instrument repair over the years by performing the work on my student’s instruments as well as my own.  I am pleased to say that I can fix many common pesky playability issues and have the know-how to set up virtually any guitar to play better for you.

Satisfaction Guaranteed–one complimentary readjustment to a paid setup at no charge
within two weeks of the original service date.

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Setup and Adjustment for Guitar and Bass


Contact Aaron with your issue and he will propose a common sense fix to your issue, along with a quote before any work begins. Most issues can be fixed for a reasonable cost, buying a new instrument is the last resort, unless you need an excuse to buy one.

A guitar that is setup and maintained properly will make all the difference for the player.

Repair Services

Wiring, Mods and Hardware

Items Aaron currently does not perform

Expensive does not always mean better!

An inexpensive guitar that is setup properly will be a better fit for any guitar player than an expensive instrument which is out of adjustment.

Don’t Delay–have your guitar or bass worked on by Aaron at PowellGuitar Today!

P.S.A. on String Tension-

Please consider educating yourself the correlation of string tension and playability with your guitar.  Personal story: In 2019, I had to have work done to my concert classical guitar [1998 Ramirez 1a Especial] by a professional luthier. I could not perform the work myself because a Ramirez does not have a truss rod-this had to be done by a luthier and I mean old school, with clamps and adjusting time, etc. by a true craftsman and artisan.  I had played extra hard tension strings on the instrument for over a decade (from 2002-until Summer 2019 I played Extra-Hard tension).  Bigger, fatter and thicker strings don’t necessarily equate to a bigger, fatter and thicker tone-no matter which guitar hero you are trying to emulate did for their sound.  In the summer of 2021 learned about these videos from prominent YouTubers (Rick Beato and Rhett Shull).  These are great videos that explain quite a bit…Unfortunately I heard the same advice from my guitar teacher in 1998 and unfortunately I didn’t listen to him at the time.  I currently play Ernie Ball .008 for my electrics, I play Ernie Ball Extra Lights for my acoustics, and for Classical I play D’Addario EJ43–I wish I could go back in time and return to both my undergrad and graduate studies and play the strings that I play now!!!

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