Lesson Resources

Dix, William C., What Child Is This [Greensleeves] (standard notation)

Tarrega, Francisco Study Number 1 (standard notation)

Tarrega, Francisco Study Number 1 Notes and TAB

Andante In C, Fernando Sor

Silent Night standard notation

Silent Night Notes and TAB

Chromatic Exercises

Chromatic Scale 1st Position

Blank Chord Worksheet

Cowboy Chord Sheet

Spring Cleaning for your Guitar

Method for Guitar by Fernando-Sor


What Styles Are Taught To Students?

Styles taught ranging from Beginning Guitar to Advanced and Professional levels.  Acoustic guitar, electric guitar, rock, blues, praise and worship styles, beginning bass and beginning banjo as well as jamming sessions can be studied in the private lesson format with Aaron.  Not all teachers in the metro teach classical guitar, which is a specialty of PowellGuitar Studios.

What will you be learning in my lessons?
  • Beginners are taught a balanced foundation of technique, taught to practice effectively—all while given fun, yet educational and musically fulfilling assignments from week to week.  Students are playing songs right away.
  • Intermediate students (and Parents) assist in the planning of which musical path to study.  Student (and Parental) input contributes to specific song choices and styles taught in the intermediate level.  Students will study the material that interests them, with expert guidance and encouragement.
  • Advanced and Professional Students can be challenged by a professional music educator with over 15 years of guitar teaching and performing experience.  Students will be pushed to the limits of their potential, while cleaning up bad habits and tendencies (right and left hand issues) that contribute as barriers.
When can my child begin guitar lessons?

Fine motor skills and tactile development required to depress the frets are typically not present until the child is at the age of 7. Looking to the other end of the spectrum, it is “never too late to start”. If you are newly retired, or simply have always wanted to play the guitar, then lessons at the PowellGuitar are going to be the right fit for you. Making music is something that one can do for the rest of their life, regardless of skill level.

What concepts or material will be taught at PowellGuitar Studios?

Many instructors teach the same “template” or use the identical format for all of their students. This is not the case in the PowellGuitar teaching studio. If you want to learn oldies styles, then you will be picking away to your songs of your favorite 60’s bands, while practicing appropriate technical exercises designed for each student that are specific to the song list chosen.

What kind of guitar do I need to begin lessons at PowellGuitar Studios?

Expensive (famous brands the stars play) does not always mean better.  In most cases, students can play on family instrument.  A well set-up inexpensive student model guitar will play better than a poorly set up expensive guitar.  PowellGuitar studios will inspect your guitar free of charge, and make a recommendation on the instrument.  If your guitar is in need of repair,  PowellGuitar is your one-stop-shop for adjustments, set-ups and minor repairs.  Current students receive an automatic 15% discount on any service performed.  If needed, Aaron offers free non-commissioned advice on where to purchase a guitar locally.

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