Professional Guitar Instructor Aaron PowellAaron Powell

Owner of PowellGuitar LLC

Aaron Powell (owner, PowellGuitar LLC) has always felt that a guitar player will realize and in some cases exceed their potential if they are studying the music that they truly love.  In other words, as he has been know to say “if you don’t like Country Music, we won’t study Country Music”.  Aaron began his guitar teaching in the summer of 1998 at the Orpheus Music Festival located on the campus of Simpson College in Indianola, Iowa.  From that summer on, Aaron has been teaching guitar to students of varying backgrounds and musical interests.  He finds the “aha moment” of when a student is able to achieve what they have been working on to be one of the greatest professional accomplishments.  Classical Guitar [where the guitar is plucked with a combination of flesh and nail and the guitarist uses sheet music] is Aaron’s specialty, although he teaches in a wide rage of other styles as well [Rock, Blues, Metal, Praise & Worship, Campfire].  Lessons have been offered at the Powell home in Des Moines since 2004, and the business became a Limited Liability Corporation in March of 2014.

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